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Research Reports

Searching for Justice, 2005

Reflections on Traditional American Indian Ways, 1998

Threats to Tribal Sovereignty, 1998

Traditional American Indian Leadership: A Comparison with U.S. Governance, 1997

Communications and Relationships Between Reservation American Indians and Non-Indians from Neighboring Communities, 1997

American Indians & Home Ownership, 1995


Two focus groups were conducted, and a presentation and survey was given to a third, mixed-race group to gather information about communications and relations between American Indians and non-Indians (see Appendix A).

The focus groups were held on two different American Indian reservations. All participants were recruited through local contacts. The first focus group consisted of three tribal members and four non-Indian participants. The second focus group, on a different reservation, consisted solely of six tribal members. We deliberately chose to gather information from both an American Indian group, and from a mixed-race group of American Indians and non-Indians. Both focus group discussions were approximately two hours in length.

In addition to the focus groups, a survey was distributed at a meeting of a group working to improve communications and understanding between American Indians and non-Indians in a rural area of Minnesota. John Poupart explained the project to the group. The members agreed to complete the survey and offered to distribute it to other individuals working on improving race relations in the same rural area. In total, 11 surveys were returned.

The Well-Being of American Indian Children in Minnesota: Economic Conditions, 1994

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