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Research Reports

Searching for Justice, 2005

Reflections on Traditional American Indian Ways, 1998

Threats to Tribal Sovereignty, 1998

Traditional American Indian Leadership: A Comparison with U.S. Governance, 1997

Communications and Relationships Between Reservation American Indians and Non-Indians from Neighboring Communities, 1997

American Indians & Home Ownership, 1995

American Indians and Home Ownership

square gray house ".all our people now were settling down in square gray houses, scattered here and there across this hungry land, and around them the wasichus [whites] had drawn a line to keep them in. The nation's hoop was broken and there was no center any longer for the flowering tree. hunger was among us often now." --Black Elk

American Indian Home Loan Research Project

September, 1995
Research Assistant
Andirana Abariotes

Under the supervision of:
Dr. Samuel Myers, Roy Wilkins Center
John Poupart, American Indian Reseach and Policy Institute

A report prepared by The American Indian Research and Policy Institute in association with Hamline Univeristy, and in collaboration with the Roy Wilkins Center, The Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, The University of Minnesota and The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.

The Well-Being of American Indian Children in Minnesota: Economic Conditions, 1994

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