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Research Reports

Searching for Justice, 2005

Reflections on Traditional American Indian Ways, 1998

Threats to Tribal Sovereignty, 1998

Traditional American Indian Leadership: A Comparison with U.S. Governance, 1997

Communications and Relationships Between Reservation American Indians and Non-Indians from Neighboring Communities, 1997

American Indians & Home Ownership, 1995

Searching for Justice

American Indian Perspectives on Disparities in Minnesota Criminal Justice System

Report prepared by John Poupart, MPA; Professor John Redhorse, University of Minnesota Duluth; Melanie Peterson-Hickey, PhD; Professor Emerita, Mary Martin, Metropolitan State University

The American Indian Policy Center wishes to extend sincere gratitude to the American Indian participants of the talking circles and to all participants who were interviewed for this project. Without their invaluable cultural knowledge, insights and experience this report would not have been possible. For early preparation work on this project, we thank Dr. Frederick Smith, Center of Urban and Regional Affairs, and for the technical assistance in preparation of this report we thank Nicole Yarbrough, University of Minnesota student intern. We are grateful to Dr. James Riding In, Arizona State University for his expertise and special contributions regarding American Indians in criminal justice.

The Well-Being of American Indian Children in Minnesota: Economic Conditions, 1994

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