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American Indian Community Data Profile, 2002

Namadji Youth and Elders Project Report, 2001

Forum Reports
1997 Fall: Tribal Sovereignty and American Indian Leadership

1996 Fall: Tribal Governments: What will they look like in the year 2010?

1996 Spring: The Threatened State of Tribal Sovereignty

1995 Fall: American Indian Elders

1995 Spring: Tribal Sovereignty

1996 Spring Forum: The Threatened State of Tribal Sovereignty

  1. Indians must face new wave of threats to sovereignty together
    Executive Summary by President John Poupart
  2. Framework of tribal sovereignty
    Marge Anderson, chief executive of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, explains why Indian tribes begin and end any discussion with the concept of sovereignty. "It's our core, our root, our foundation."
  3. Court decisions shape Indian policy
    A review of several recent court cases and their potential impact on Indian Country.
  4. Trust responsibility
    An explanation of federal trust responsibility and the relationship between the federal government and Indian tribes.
  5. Facing an unfriendly congress
    Ignorance and intolerance combined with budget cuts sets the tone on Capitol Hill.
  6. State-tribal relations
    Devolution of congressional authority puts states and tribes in uncomfortable and unprecedented situations.
  7. Brief history of U.S.-Tribal relation

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