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American Indian Community Data Profile, 2002

Namadji Youth and Elders Project Report, 2001

Forum Reports
1997 Fall: Tribal Sovereignty and American Indian Leadership

1996 Fall: Tribal Governments: What will they look like in the year 2010?

1996 Spring: The Threatened State of Tribal Sovereignty

1995 Fall: American Indian Elders

1995 Spring: Tribal Sovereignty


The American Indian Policy Center (AIPC) engages in projects to expand the public's understanding of American Indian issues.

New Project: To Build a Bridge

To Build a Bridge, An Introduction to Working with American Indian Communities, a manual just released by the American Indian Research and Policy Institute, is available for purchase. This guide is for educators, human service professionals, policy makers and others who work with American Indians. This guide is necessary because of the long-standing misinterpretation of American Indian social values, beliefs, and norms. The three purposes of this manual are:

  1. improving social service delivery in Indian communities;
  2. incorporating Indian values into research methodologies when working with Indian people;
  3. educating policy makers and program developers about the unique situation of American Indians.

To Build a Bridge, An Introduction to Working with American Indian Communities includes sections on Framing the Problem, The History of American Indian Law and Policy, American Indian Cultural Strengths, and How to Work Effectively with American Indians.

Cost is $12.00 per copy, $10.00 per copy for orders over 20, and $8.00 per copy for orders over 100. (All orders should include 6.5% Minnesota sales tax. Contact AIPC for shipping and handling costs.)

For more information, call us at (651) 644-1728 or contact us by e-mail at:


In the past, AIPC also conducted periodic forums. Typically, forums offered a number of speakers or workshops about a topic, followed by small group discussion. After each forum, a report was sent to all participants summarizing the topics discussed and the information presented. Selected articles are available from these forum reports.

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